There are several services that the Lands and Surveys Department provides for Land Surveyors only.
Please see below for the list of services.

Feel free to ask us any question, we are here to help you with your surveying needs.

Services for Land Surveyors

Service Description Details
Highwater Marks Our representative will attend a highwater mark determination by a land surveyor. Please make an appointment by email or phone.
Recording Plans Survey Plans are inspected for conformity to the Land Act and recorded. For more information on recording services, please click HERE. Please allow for 24 hrs before collecting recorded plans.
Plan Research and Prints/Email/Digital Make prints of plans found using our research service. You may also receive the file by email or digitally. Up to A1 sizes printed in black and white.

Other Activities

Here are some of the main activities the Department also engages in:

Service Description
Boundary Surveys We demarcate and prepare survey plans showing the boundaries of Government-managed land parcels. This is done for Government only.
Acquisition Surveys At the request of the Ministry of Housing, we demarcate land to be acquired for public purposes.
Registration Preliminary investigation and provision of national control within designated districts to facilitate the adjudication and registration of parcels under the Land Registration programme. For more information, please click HERE.
Geodetic Control We are responsible for the development and maintenance of the Barbados National Grid and the Lamont Datum. The critical components of these systems are triangulation (trig) stations, traverse stations and benchmarks.
Graduate Training We are responsible for training and assessing Graduate Surveyors who complete the Geomatics or Land Surveying Undergraduate Degree programme at the University of the West Indies, or any other recognised university. For more information, please click HERE.