Recording Services

Recording of Plot Plans

According to the (Barbados) Land Survey Regulations, 1993, a plan presented for recording may be refused by the Chief Surveyor on any of the following grounds:

  1. The absence of
    1. the signature of the surveyor who prepared the plan
    2. the date of certification
    3. a North Point
    4. the scale of the plan
    5. the location of the land
    6. the parish
    7. the name of the client
    8. the abuttals
    9. a description of each boundary mark
  2. inconsistency between the title block and the rest of the plan
  3. illegibility of information on the plan

Land Surveying Code of Practice

In addition to the Land Survey Regulations, 1993, the survey profession is also guided by the Barbados Land Surveyors Association's Code of Practice.

Code Of Practice image Please click the image to download the Code of Practice for your records.