Map Products

There are a range of map products that are available at the Department. They vary widely in detail, price, and how much they can be customized. The main maps are listed below, however, thematic maps can also be done at a quoted price.

Maps can be printed on paper at various sizes, but may also be delivered in digitally format, and be used in GIS and AutoCAD software. Please provide enough time to have maps created. Generally, most maps are produced by the next day, unless a large number is requested, the complexity is high, or both.

Feel free to ask us any question, we are here to help you with your mapping needs!

Paper Products

As from May 1st, 2018
Map Product*+ Description Deliverable Price
Sectional Maps
most scales, size A4 to A0
A quick, versatile and detailed topographical map where you select the scale and location. Displays recent road, building, contour, and land type data, and many more. Printed or image.
Lamination optional.
$20 - $160
This is a detailed topographical map of Barbados showing the location of places, roads, buildings, contours, land types and more. Printed.
Lamination optional.
Barbados UTM
Use this detailed map of Barbados with the special UTM grid for referencing locations easily. Please contact the Barbados Defense Force for permissions first. Printed.
Lamination optional.
Geology of Bdos
This map shows the geology of Barbados showing soil types and depths. Printed. $20
Geology of S. District
The geology of the Scotland District showing soil types and depths. Printed. $15
Bridgetown and Environs
A comprehensive map of buildings, roads and spaces of the Barbados capital. Useful for navigation whether driving or walking. Printed or image. $25
Barbados Map Sheets
A sectional series of topographical map information. A very useful map showing regular map features such as buildings, roads, vegetation, water features, and height information. It is also useful for several geospatial purposes such as planning, analyses and boundary determinations. Printed. $15
Aerial Photo
any scale on A3
To get a visual feel for a location, aerial photography of Barbados gives the real-world view. Printed or image.
Aerial Photo
any scale on A3
A higher-contrast aerial photography of Barbados. Printed or image.
Historic Map Sheets
various scales
Topographical maps from 1970s and 1980s showing a historic layout of Barbados, covering urban areas and some rural, showing buildings, trees, roads and other relevant features. Photocopy. Please inquire.
Add Ons
Lamination add 15% to map price+
Email delivery no fee

Digital Map Products

As from May 1st, 2018
Product*+ Urban Parish Semi-urban Parish Rural Parish Urban
Topo,Landuse,Contours, DTM $450.00 $350.00 $250.00 $10.00 $8.00 $7.50
Orthophotos $350.00 $250.00 $200.00 $25.00 $20.00 $18.00
RoadsCL $200.00 $150.00 $100.00 $5.00 $4.00 $3.00

Urban parishes are St. Michael, St. James, Christ Church and St. Philip.
Semi-urban parishes are St. Peter, St. Thomas and St. George.
Rural parishes are St. John, St. Lucy, St. Joseph and St. Andrew.
All prices are for Km2 or part thereof.

As from May 1st, 2018
Dataset*+ Deliverables Description
Digimap-Complete Digimap-Corp + Misc Layers A set of all digital map layers
Orthomap-Photo 2006 orthophoto or 2015 LiDAR imagery. (2006) Raster images in 1 km TIFF files and (2015) LiDAR images in 0.5 km ECW/TIFF files.
Digimap-Corp Digimap-Lite + cliff, cutting, trees, rock, stream, ponds, pools, bush, cultivation, pasture, quarry, recreation, sand, sugar, trees, scrub and other selected layers. A set of all digital map layers.
Digimap-Lite Paved roads, unpaved roads, private roads, tracks, road closing links, buildings, building footprints, structures, walls, fences, hedges. A set of the most common map layers requested.
Digimap-Util Cliff, cuttings, flood lights, gas pipes, manholes, road drain cover, road signs, street lights, utility poles. Layers commonly used by utility companies.
Digimap-Fleet Road centre-lines, paved roads, unpaved roads, private roads, tracks, road closing links, buildings, building footprints, structures. Useful for fleet management.
Digimap-Nav Road centre-lines, buildings, structures. Layes used in navigaion.
Digimap-Height Index contour, contour v.i. 0.5m, contour v.i. 1m, spot heights, digital terrain model, height text. Height data useful for buidling 3-D and relief mapping.
Digimap-Eco Buoys, grass, land cover limit, vegetation limit, mooring posts, streams, ponds, rock, trees, scrub, palm, outcrop, cultivation, pastures, sand, cultivation. A set of layers used in ecosystem studies.

All digital map datasets delivered with Coastline, Parishes and Placenames map layers.
Please inquire at the Department for prices.

Thematic Maps and Model Building
Thematic maps can be prepared upon request. You may choose specific layers and coverage, and have new layers digitised, or have a spatial model built and executed.

Please consult the Department to receive a quote for your request.

*All digital files or images available through cloud server or may be emailed where possible, but may also be delivered on CD, DVD, or downloaded to your USB key.

+All prices quoted in Barbados Dollars (BBD)