Frequently Asked Questions

Consult this page for questions that are frequently asked.
If you do not see your question here, feel free to contact us.

Q1: Can I get a copy of a plot plan from your Department?
No. You should contact a land surveyor privately.

Q2: What is the cost to have my land surveyed?
The Lands and Surveys Department does not perform Land Surveying services for private individuals. You should contact a land surveyor privately.

Q3: My plot line marks were removed/covered/damaged. How do I get them replaced?
Please contact a land surveyor privately to assist you.

Q4: My neighbour has moved my land boundary mark, and built on part of my property. What should I do?
Contact a land surveyor privately to confirm that the encroachment exists. Then, approach your neighbour to remove the encroachment.

Q5: Do you sell maps, and if so, what types?
Yes, maps are sold at the Department. For the full range of maps and their prices, please click Map Products to access the webpage.

Q6: Can I get maps for free?
Maps are not available for free. Please contact the Chief Surveyor to discuss any special requests.

Q7: Can I get information about my Land Tax bill at your department?
Land Tax information is available at the Barbados Revenue Authority.

Q8: Can I pay for maps or services using a debit or credit card ?
Currently, payments can only be made using cash or approved cheques. Banking and online services are planned for the future.

Q9: I have finished studying my Land Surveying/Geomatics degree. What do I do next to get an internship at the Lands and Surveys Department?
Please submit correspondence, or an email, addressed to the Chief Surveyor requesting to do your internship with us. You must also submit evidence of completing your degree such as correspondence from the University or a certified copy of the degree. Please click here for more information.